White paper

About FIREFLY  FIREFLY is not just a token, it is an entire ecosystem that has been designed by the CEO Kenny Wilson whom has a deep rooted passion for Fireflies and other pollinator species, many of which are now in fast decline or are in fact now an endangered species.  

Kenny has fond memories of going out at night as a child trying to catch Fireflies but as he got older he noticed their numbers dwindling. When he researched why he found they were in fact endangered as are many other pollinator species.  

This spawned the movement to #Savethefirefly by specifically going out into the world and creating pollination gardens with the use of unique FIREFLY technology and ideas to create new vital habitats for all pollinator species.  

Saving, conserving and breeding pollinator species and their low numbers is an all too overlooked problem yet globally it is paramount to our planet that we address these concerns for our long term survival.  

Our projects will not only save these endangered species, but we will be pollinating more plants bringing more oxygen to our planet and more food to poor communities around the world and by bringing new life to our planet which is under threat.  

Our Plans for unique FIREFLY HYDRO ELECTRIC PUMPS and POWER STORAGE UNITS will enable the pumping of water from deep underground to irrigate land including that of the pollination gardens where breeding programs can then exist in harmony with communities to bring long lasting ecosystems that benefit all!  

We have real life utilities and projects at micro and macro level that will require investments for growth, and will see many thousands of people around the world unite in the common goal to #savethefirefly. To do this we needed your help and so the FIREFLY tokens were born.  

We will be holding regular competitions and unannounced burns amongst other things to generate growth and engagement thus making holding FIREFLY tokens fun and profitable especially for the long term holders.
#savethefirefly project  POLLINATION GARDENS (micro, community, macro) & our BREEDING PROGRAM We at FIREFLY look to do our bit for the planet, for those FIREFLIES, Bees, Butterflies and other pollinators around the world through various packages such as:

1) Macro pollination garden ecosystems
2) Community driven community owned pollinator gardens
3) Micro pollination gardens (Self help – home gardener)

Macro ecosystems include:
*Pollinator species breeding programs and will support or feed into community and micro pollination gardens.  
*Patented FIREFLY Hydro electric power pumps and power storage units.
*Education programs to share knowledge on how to develop and maintain your own pollination garden
*Metaverse digital mapping of our very first pollination garden
*Profits generated from crypto trading will fund these projects  

The plan is to create one large pollination garden, get it right then scale up creating many more across the globe. Then reach out to the world promoting the importance of these ecosystems and help others to develop their own gardens through self help programs and through FIREFLY teams going out to support the builds with the use and implementation of FIREFLY technology.  

CEO Kenny Wilson is in the process of developing the first pollination garden & breeding center for endangered pollination species and Currently working with and through Donations alongside Xerces.  

This environment will have running pumping water which cycles using our FIREFLY hydro electric technology as well as solar and wind power harnessing technology ensuring the ecosystem is built upon an entirely green self sufficient energy system.   
We are developing a new crypto currency that will enable financial exchanges on the Web 3 blockchain to transfer energy power storage as credits to and from sources through the IOT.    

Our breeding programs will be geared towards increasing population numbers, and then their distribution back out into the habitat in new pollination gardens. So not only will communities create beautiful landscapes to enjoy and maintain, they will be preserving beautiful endangered species, providing oxygen & food sources through plant growth promotions, there will be running water pumped up from wells AND communities will have power sources and power storage technology that will not only power their homes, it can save them or make them money in an highly self sufficient profitable green ecosystem.    

Once these systems and technology have been developed, patented, completed and signed off we shall be seek investments to help scale up the roll out globally.    

Community driven pollinator gardens (village/town/community led/driven)   We want to empower communities by providing more comprehensive support packages that provide instructions on how to create their own pollination garden environments.  

These sites will mirror the macro pollination gardens in many respects as it will be over a larger area of land that will require community involvement rather than individual management, but will not include any breeding programs to limit complexity and labor intensity of daily maintenance.  

We will help by:  

Sending out ”how to” brochures with clear instructions to give guidance on how communities can create their own pollination gardens
Sending seeds with the brochure to help promote plant growth, vital for endangered pollination species.  
Provide endangered pollination species (from our macro breeding projects) to the community gardens to create new life within their new ecosystems
Offer direct support for grant funding applications and the provision of… FIREFLY Hydro electric pumps and power storage technology required to help maintain the ecosystem balance.
Sending out team representatives to offer education, guidance and support to ensure the long term success of their projects.  

Micro pollination gardens (Self help – home gardener) Anyone with a garden can play a vital role in the conservation of pollinator species.   We will be:

Sending out ”how to” brochures with clear instructions to give guidance on how communities can create their own pollination gardens
Sending seeds with the brochure to help promote plant growth, vital for endangered pollination species. 
Provide endangered pollination species (from our macro breeding projects) to the community gardens to create new life within their new ecosystems
Provide online/phone support to those that have questions.  

Anyone with a garden can make a difference, but again it’s often over looked and ignored. Education, encouragement and mass adoption will make a huge difference and at minimal intervention.   We also will make charity donations to various charities using profits generated. We can all do our bit at any level!

FIREFLYSWAP   This service is just like Pancake or safemoonswap but in a more simplified manner. Firefly swap can swap any token for any token but in a more streamlined approach.   www.SwapFireFly.com/   

FIREFLY ATM MACHINES   In time we will be launching Bitcoin style ATM machines converting FIAT cash into crypto which deposits into the holders wallet up on purchase. Whilst this is nothing new, it’s another aspect we plan to develop and launch. https://savethefirefly.com/firefly-atm-machines/  


We have our own exchange (Dex) where many crypto currencies can be bought, swapped and sold. Holders administer their transactions and crypto purchases would then be held in their digital wallet.

STAKING It is possible to STAKE your tokens for 6 months for 10% OR 1 year in return for a 20% APY (annual percentage yield). To be clear, when staking all or a %, your tokens will be locked in and not accessible for the duration but the rewards are far greater.


Merchandise is vital to our growth, it enables valued customers to represent the brand, spread the word and wear with pride their support for FIREFLY. 

RECORD LABELFIREFLY records will be officially launched in 2023 with releases from no less than 6 Grammy award winning hip hop artists line up and this is just the start!   As artists ourselves, some of our development team has enjoyed a history of success in the hip hop and metal music industries and are very well connected, having worked alongside Grammy winning artist Lil Wayne, Grammy nominated artist Afroman and Venom, Decapitated and many other incredible live acts.   

Our aim is to launch an audio/video streaming crypto style competitor to Spotify where customers pay in crypto currencies to buy and stream unique songs, videos or albums as NFT’s available on our FIREFLY platform.   ( Now Live at www.FireFy.app)

We will be linking in our token to this aspect of our ecosystem bringing tokenomics to our audio player technology to help drive profits for artists and to help build the price of our tokens and further add to their respective liquidity pools.  

Profits generated from the sales in the form of fees will be split with artists and listeners ensuring they receive a far better return than on current platforms such as Spotify where an artist need to have literally millions of plays to even receive a small payment in royalties.   Music can be played by paying in a duke box style small fee from crypto currencies and revenues will be split 30% Artist / 30% Firefly Label /10% Listeners / 20% LP.  

Profits made from sales of our digital products will be directed back into secure new top level artists and new unsigned artists to help launch careers of hotly tipped new acts.   Naturally it would be wrong of us to say anything more at this time but be ready! 
FIREFLY Festival
In time team connections and know how to deliver the first fully crypto digital festival where all transactions are made in crypto currencies. This includes the purchase of tickets, merchandise and eventually when we go fully live, food and drink. Crypto trade stalls will be present so investors can talk directly with new and established crypto brands to build growth for all.   ( First Festival July 6th and 7th 2023 Colorado Fair Grounds)

These events will be used as platforms for raising awareness of the #savethefirefly movement with endangered species being available for people to see and learn about them. Holders of Fire Fly tokens will receive invitations to exclusive events – this includes meet and greet opportunities with music icons and celebrities. Purchasing a ticket will of course incorporate our high burn ratio and thus further raise the value of the associated tokens.  

We will look to support artists that collaborate with our Record label and audio streaming platform network through A & R, PR and bookings at our Fire Fly events.

By holding tokens, and submitting NFT pieces (music or otherwise) you’ll have the ability to have your work showcased at an event, perform on stage and potentially be offered management in the process.  

This is a project that will be launched in 2023 when many other aspects of the FIREFLY business are up and running smoothly!  
NFTs & Digital asset management  As well as our record label NFT products we will be selling various digital assets as NFTs in the form of music audio files, artwork and more. This will generate further profits that can be reinvested into #savethefirefly.   These sales will further feed into our tokenomics ecosystem strengthening our LP.
SANBOX METAVERSEKW and other team members are developing a Metaverse landscape of the macro pollination garden so that people can enter the VR world and enable people to walk through our gardens, learn about the ecosystems and provide valuable education around saving, conserving and breeding endangered pollinator species.   We aim to launch this in 2024 once the pollination garden has been completed as part of our ongoing #savethefirefly campaign.
AUDITED & DOXXED  We are working towards a full CERTIK audit and then the FIREFLY team is DOXXED to provide complete transparency to all holders regarding who we are and ensure our white paper (this document) along with the Road map clearly shows the pubic our plans. We are in the process of uploading a “meet the team” page for transparency.   Already, the team is very public on the Facebook group and we look forward to delivering on this promptly. Feel free to join our group and meet us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/token2fly

Manual burns& Liquidity Pool

Sometimes burns matter, sometimes they don’t. A continuous burn can be great in the early days but its best to control the burns and drop them at the right times to promote products and reward holders based on achievements and targets set out thus instigating growth.

We will implement burn strategies that are beneficial and rewarding for those engaged for the long term and these will be done at random but with prior notice in public:

We will sometimes adjust the contracts to waive fees giving holders 100% of the tokens from direct sales or move the 20% fee allocation to the burn wallet (or other such combinations) rather than reflections to boost the price for all.

We will inform our customers in advance across all social media platforms to ensure we are up front, honest and fair with everyone prior to any contract adjustments. This will make investing in our tokens more fun and profitable for all.

Full details of our current burns to date is available on our website

LP – Automatic Liquidity from tokens is the hot sauce of FIREFLY and is worked across 2 main principles.

The first being that the contracts suck up tokens from purchases to add to each of their respective liquidity pools creating a solid price floor for each token.

Usually a 5% fee is applied and split but this may vary as low as zero.

However we reserve the right to adjust our fees, remove them or move the fund allocations as explained in the Manual burn section above to make things more fun and profitable for our holders.

The second aspect acts like a penalty for selling tokens early where 5% fees will be applied and distributed usually to the LP , reflections to remaining holders and goes to the burn as highlighted above.

In theory, The added LP creates stability from the supplied LP by adding the tax to the overall Liquidity of the tokens, thus increasing the overall LP of the tokens and further supporting the price floor of the tokens.

As the token LP increases the price stability mirrors this function with the benefit of a solid price floor and cushion for holders.

The goal is of course to prevent the larger dips in price from larger sales of tokens when whales eventually decide to sell their tokens later in the lifespan of the token, which keeps the price from fluctuating from as much as it would if there was no automatic LP.

All of this is in an effort to alleviate the problems previous Defi reflective tokens have shown to experience and has proven to be highly effective with the latest reflection tokens available on the market currently.

All original Liquidity has been locked in for 2 years as can be seen here:



By locking in the LP the pool token’s movement is restricted by a time-based function.

This means that once the restriction is set, they cannot be moved or redeemed until the pre-selected time has passed. This gives users more confidence in the markets they are involved in, because they know that for at least the next year, the market must exist in some form.

We will be reviewing our position in a year and considering locking in funds again at that time.

Road Map  Our Road map is still being developed, is subject to change as we progress and we reserve the right to adjust our plans according to our progress. That said we wish to make absolutely clear our plans with you all at this exciting time for FIREFLY.

We need to be fluid in all we do, things happen very fast in the crypto world and sometimes things go wrong so we reserve the right to adjust our plans internally to meet changes or needs whenever appropriate.  

That said this is a Road map to ensure our holders are well informed of our plans:  

Launch Token
We aim to secure 1000 FIREFLY holders on BSC scan  Websites updated, finalized and launched.  
White paper completed, signed off and made public.  
FIREFLY Swap launched  
Social media platforms launched, organized and rolling 
ROAD MAP updated and made public  More TBA as we develop.

Secure 1000 holders across all tokens & apply for CMC/CG
CERTIK contact made to book in audit  DOXXED application submitted*  
Secure 1000 members across all social media platforms, review 
Design the brochures for pollination gardens and upload to website 
Testing new software due for release 
Record label pre-launch preparations finalized 
Make video of the pollination garden to show holders the land 
More TBA as we develop  

Record label launch with Grammy award winning hip hop artists 
CERTIK audit completed and results made public & uploaded to website 
DOXXED audit findings published as soon as results are in* 
Secure 2500 members across all social media platforms, review 
Make regular updates on the progress of the pollination garden  
More TBA as we develop

Record label, launch more new Grammy award winning hip hop artists/music 
Complete pollination garden  
Secure 7500 members across all social media platforms, review 
More TBA as we develop
Launch Crypto digital festival Launch and develop Metaverse project  

Roll out pollination gardens around the world 
Launch live events    
LEGALFirefly is a DAO organization that Chooses Charity.  

We will be making donations to other charities including Xerces Society and like minded foundations that share interests in our #savethefirefly project and breed/conserve other endangered pollination species. Please see our website under LEGAL and all sub menus for our position.  
Everything we do is designed to drive wealth for our holders while also generating project funding wealth in the form of fees that will be reinvested back into the ecosystem and specifically our business projects.  
Employee’s wages are paid to staff according to US federal laws.  
We reserve the right to adjust, delete and add to our white paper at any time.   Firefly LLC is a registered as is our token and website domain: