FIREFLY records will be officially launched in 2023 with releases from no less than 6 Grammy award winning hip hop artists line up and this is just the start!  

As artists ourselves, some of our development team has enjoyed a history of success in the hip hop and metal music industries and are very well connected, having worked alongside Grammy winning artist Lil Wayne, Grammy nominated artist Afroman and many other incredible live acts.   

Our aim is to launch an audio/video streaming crypto style competitor to Spotify where customers pay in crypto currencies to buy and stream unique songs, videos or albums as NFT’s only available on our FIREFLY platform.  

We will be linking in our tokens to this aspect of our ecosystem so sales help build the price of our tokens and further add to their respective liquidity pool.  

Profits generated from the sales in the form of fees will be split with artists ensuring they receive a far better return than on current platforms such as Spotify where an artist need to have literally millions of plays to even receive a small payment in royalties.  

Profits made from sales of our digital products will be funneled back into secure new top level artists and new unsigned artists to help launch careers of hotly tipped new acts.  

Naturally it would be wrong of us to say anything more at this time but be ready!