We all work hard for our money and we want to know it is safe so our priority has been to update an old contract to vastly improve the security and also improve on the functionality of our tokens.

So not only is your investment as safe as can be, we can also play around with the contracts, adjust fees or remove them all together or apply the full 20% to a burn driving up the price and making it more profitable for our holders. Please see our FIREFLY TOKENS & T&Cs for more information on our rules.

We want to make investing in FIREFLY a fun prospect as much as possible and we can do this by running competitions and reward schemes for you all.

We have a dedicated marketing team that are out there 24-7-365 running fun events such as:

This is your Chance to win your very own PS5, stacks of FIREFLY tokens, NFTs or merch!

If you would like to win, the Rules are simple and laid out in the following links!