How to buy tokens

SWAP / EXCHANGE Yes that’s right we have our own Swap and Exchange service, click on the link and check it out! Simple to use and enables you to swap from almost any crypto currency to another.

HOW TO BUY our tokens through intermediaries such as Pancake swap and Poocoin:

  1. Buy BNB/BSC tokens ( )
  2. Trade them for FIREFLY ( )

1. Currently, using this approach method requires you to firstly hold BNB/BSC (Binance or Binance Smart chain) tokens and then you will need to essentially trade them for FIREFLY.

This is a standard procedure for all tokens because all tokens are available on the Binance Blockchain so buy and sell fees for our products are in BNB/BSC.

You can follow either of these simple instructional videos to buy BNB/BSC:


Feel free to familiarise yourselves with ALL our instructional videos here:

If you have any trouble you are welcome to join our FACEBOOK group and ask our team for support!


Assuming you now have bought BNB/BSC and this is being held in your wallet here are the next steps for buying any of our 4 tokens:

Firstly please note the contract addresses as below:

FIREFLY – 0x2ce7e317eE862f2c2494eA14C32A61eA697B30B6

In order to see these tokens in your wallet (Trust/meta/other) you will need to “add” these tokens to your portfolio by copying and pasting the contract address in the ADD NEW TOKEN sometimes seen as a “+” sign top right of the app. This will give you visibility of the tokens like this:

NOTE – We are not yet on Coin market Cap or Coin Gecko so you will not yet see the true value of your tokens until this in place but we are working on it and will be updated as quickly as possible! I will show you have to see the value below so don’t panic.

You can purchase our tokens through the following intermediaries:

To access either of these you will need to use your Dapp (Digital appliance) function, and go to this following address:

How do fees work and what does the average transaction look like?

It is complicated to explain but we have attempted below to demonstrate how a transaction works by breaking it down into its basic components.

It is not possible to give an exact example of a transaction because slippage, products prices and stack volumes (due to real time reflections) vary moment to moment. But taking into consideration the variables we can show how a transaction is administered in principle to give you an idea:

Poocoin and Pancake Swap are intermediaries and so both charge fees in the manner of slippage. This is where a % of your tokens are taken by the intermediary by way of their “fee” for administering the sale/swap.

How much slippage you pay depends on a number of factors including how busy the traffic is or if there is a high volume of transactions happening on the blockchain. If busy, slippage fees may increase and vice versa when quieter so it can be advisable to buy when quieter but you may miss a bargain price so you must DYOR and make your own informed decisions.

Let us assume you purchase $100 of BNB.

$100 equates to 0.25 Binance before and BNB/BSC purchases fees (*at time of writing Feb 18, 2022, 10am GMT).

Let us assume you purchase $100 and get $95 after the initial purchase fee % from any exchange where you purchase the BNB/BSC. This would equate to 0.23 BNB/BSC.

You then hold 0.0023 BSC which you can trade for (lets buy) FIREFLY.

FIREFLYs price was* $0.000000000000903622 per token or 1,110,982,621,706 tokens per $1 or 111,098,262,170,682 tokens per $100 or

$95 (or 0.0023 BNB/BSC) x $0.000000000000903622 = 105,543,349,062,070 FIREFLY tokens before any gas fees.

 105,543,349,062,070 x 20% fees = 88,878,609,736,480 FIREFLY tokens that will be delivered directly to your wallet from the $100 purchase.

Let us assume slippage through an intermediary is 15% at the time of purchase, then you would be charged 35% fees thus only getting 72,213,870,410,890 FIREFLY tokens.

Do also note the prices of tokens will always vary so this is an example of a transaction, not necessarily accurate due to constant changes in variables.

If you are unsure of anything please do not hesitate to contact us.

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