Hotarumaru (Legend)

In Japan there is an odachi, or a great sword that was forged by Rai Kunitoshi. In Japanese culture, this sword is a National Treasure if you will. It became known as “Aso no Hotarumaru” on December 14th, 1931 when it became designated as “Important Cultural Property” of Japan and also kept at the Aso Shrine in Japan. During the time right after the second World War, this sword became missing during a sword hunt by occupying enemy forces. A small rumor its in a private Japanese collection surfaced, but the common belief is the sword was destroyed. June 18th, 2017 the blade was remade using historical documentation of the original. Why thats important or of interest to us involved or interested in Fire Fly? The sword was originally owner by Korezumi Aso, the head of the Aso family from 1334 to 1392. During a battle, Korezumi’s mowing movements during battle caused the blade to take great damage. After the battle, suffering from great exhaustion, resting at the bottom of Mt. Aso, Korezumi fell into a deep sleep. It is said that he began to dream a weird dream, where a swarm of Hotaru also known to us as Fire flies gathered in a large number on the sword causing it to glow like a FireFly! The next morning confused, and befuddled, Korezumi found his sword to be fully repaired of all its flaws. If you believe history repeats itself, then the FireFly token like its legend of old, will cut and slice its way on the scene, healing and repairing us as a people, arming us with the power to take control of our present and future situation.