Welcome to our FIREFLY tokens page where you will find everything you need to know regarding our 4 tokens, how they work together and how you can buy them.

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HOLD FIREFLY TOKENS – GET 10% REFLECTIONS IN BNB-PEG USD (activates when we hit 1000 holders)


CLICK ON THE ICONS to go through to their respective BSC SCAN PAGE:

FIREFLY – 0x2ce7e317eE862f2c2494eA14C32A61eA697B30B6
GLOW WORM – 0x907FA64e111E5B546F8053c26e65ea40FF5c9B33
JAR – 0xdE8bc3d0d7d4A01b41ebA9d12b5fa18fA9a93840
LID – 0x77144ae83De36Fc9B230Cfa1264Fb1986025cDE8
Our 4 FIREFLY, GLOW WORM, JAR and LID tokens combine together in a unique high reward and high burn deflationary system that provides “compound interest” or higher rewards especially for long term holders.

All 4 of our tokens are sold on the Binance smart (block) chain (BSC) and FIREFLY is THE priority token designed to generate wealth for our Hodlers (holders) & business but they all play an important role in this unique and revolutionary system.  

You get “reflections” (passive income) in FIREFLY by just holding either of the GLOW WORM, JAR or LID tokens.

So it is imperative that you hold all 4 as soon as possible and note there is only a small amount of 3 of the tokens which we expect to sell out sooner than you realise!

Allow us to explain how this all works!

What does the term “reflections” mean and how will this benefit me? 

When you buy or sell any of our 4 tokens there is a fee applied. With our tokenomics it’s always 20% BUT sometimes less* if we are running competitions of fun/burn campaigns. See * below for more info.

Within that 20% we have the ability to adjust the percentages to each token to provide different rewards or benefits to both the holders and the business as can be seen in this table of fees/benefits above.

Reflections will start being paid in BUSD from FIREFLY when we have secured 1000 holders and met the criteria to have our tokens on CMC and CG and from the 3 other tokens reflections are already actively being paid in FIREFLY so the more of the 4 tokens you own the more reflections in FIREFLY and BUSD you will receive.

This drives up the number of tokens you have in FIREFLY so as the tokens increase in value, so will your wealth for you the holders across all 4 tokens. This compound interest could and is already literally snowballing wealth for holders who are seeing great returns very quickly.

You could purchase FIREFLY only or purchase all 4 of our tokens through various avenues as detailed in our HOW TO BUY SECTION HERE

Holders could buy and hold only Glow worm, JAR or LID without buying FIREFLY and you would still receive reflections in FIREFLY building up that stack for free!– We recommend holders turn on the 4 contract addresses as explained HERE in your crypto wallet to have visibility of these tokens!  

*You will be notified in advance if we will be making any changes to our fees through our social media platforms. For example, we may decide to remove the fees so you get 100% of the tokens from your investment or we may apply 20% fees to the burn wallet to drive the price up for you all. Please note this is still subject to any possible intermediary fees that may apply when purchasing.

It is your responsibility to join our groups to ensure you are well informed of our announcements. See our Legal section for more info.

The more FIREFLY, GLOW WORM, JAR and LID held, the larger the reflections and value so it is suggested that buys should acquire all 4 products to maximize returns. CEO Kenny Wilson

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