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FIREFLY is not just a token, it is an entire ecosystem that has been created by the CEO Kenny Wilson. I have a deep rooted passion for Fireflies and other pollinator species, many of which are now in fast decline or are in fact now an endangered species. We need to save them if we are going to save ourselves

Kenny Wilson has fond memories of going out at night as a child trying to catch Fireflies but as he got older he noticed their numbers dwindling. When he researched why he found they were in fact endangered as are many other pollinator species around the world.

This spawned the movement to #Savethefirefly by specifically going out into the world and creating pollination gardens with the use of unique FIREFLY technology and ideas to create new vital habitats for all pollinator species.

FIREFLY is set up to #savethefirefly as highlighted here. Any profits made by the way of fees will be pumped back into our projects.

We will always be transparent so we have put together a comprehensive website to give you all an insight into our agenda.

Saving, conserving and breeding pollinator species and their low numbers is an all too overlooked problem yet globally it is paramount to our planets that we address these concerns for our long term survival.

Our projects will not only save these endangered species we will be pollinating more plants, bringing more oxygen and food to our planet especially in poorer communities around the world and the great thing is that everyone can do their bit to help.

Our plan for unique FIREFLY HYDRO ELECTRIC PUMPS and POWER STORAGE UNITS will enable the pumping of water from deep underground to irrigate land including that of the pollination gardens where breeding programs can then exist in harmony with communities to bring long lasting ecosystems that benefit all!


We aim to be the no 1 token on BSC scan one day, we already had a 99/99 DEX score and this is just the start.

FIREFLY is revolutionary system to create compound growth for holders. The wealth generated from these token buy/sell fees will be driven into the #savethefirefly project!

We will be holding regular competitions and unannounced burns amongst other things to generate growth and engagement thus making holding FIREFLY tokens fun and profitable especially for the long term holders. We are the token glowing in the darkness, and flying towards the light.

With locked Liquidity AND real life utilities/projects at micro and macro level we will be seeking investments for growth and will see many thousands of people around the world unite in the common goal to #savethefirefly. To do this we needed funding and so the FIREFLY tokens were born.

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